The New York Transparency Project

The New York Transparency Project was born out of the belief in citizen-driven oversight. We can’t rely on public officials in Albany to solve New York’s corruption problem. We need the understanding, tools, and plan to fight corruption with transparency in every school district, village, town, city, and county across the state.

Make New York More Transparent

Send your government a FOIL Request

The Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) is an important tool that allows citizens to request public records from government entities. Interested in seeing how your tax dollars are being spent – click here!

View your local checkbook

Our Local Government Spending Database has all of the checkbooks we have secured using the Freedom of Information Law. Click here to see how your local government is spending your tax dollars.

Transparency Checklist

Conduct a quick assessment on your local government to see if they’re taking steps toward pro-active transparency.

Ethics Recommendations

A code of ethics establishes accountability measures by which elected officials and municipal employees can be held to. Click here to see Reclaim New York’s list of recommendations.