The Voice of NY – Population Drain

Population Drain

Read the below stories to find out what real New Yorkers from all across the state are saying about population drain, and how it is affecting their communities.

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I’m in the process of moving now. I have absolutely no real desire to go, but there really is no choice… The thing is no matter how much you make it’s not worth it. It’s never enough… I’m a New Yorker. Nothing else. My family has been here for two hundred years. But I have no family and no friends left here. So we have a six month plan. We will be out of here by March – April the latest. Jon from Queens County
I grew up on a small lake in Galway just west of Saratoga Springs in the 60’s – 70’s when life was simple and the American Dream from achievable for the middle class… As I began to have a family of my own, we ended up moving out of the state in the early 90s. I returned to upstate NY in 2011 after being out of the state for a little over 20 years. I was excited to be back and close to family again… In the six years I have been back I have watched numerous long-time friends who grew up here and who were raising their own children here move out of state for a better and more affordable life for their families… I have been applying for jobs out of state as well because I want a better life for myself and for my son. Enough is enough!Clarissa from Saratoga County
I left New York years ago and moved my business out of the state. I moved over 100 workers and paid for them all to move because it was cheaper than continuing to pay the taxes in New York.Timothy from Monroe County
Stay in New York? Why? I’ve lived and worked here all my life but It’s just become too expensive… Many of my work related acquaintances have already left. The Carolinas, Tennessee, Florida, Arizona. I’m packing.Peter from Orange County
Why are we considering leaving NY? The onslaught of high property taxes and ever increasing income penalties like state and capital gains; false promises of “return on investments such as social security, coupled with unbridled government spending especially with unfunded mandates in the form of entitlements will make the risk too high for us to remain. We put ourselves at risk of losing what we achieved in pursuit of the American dream – by grit not grievance. We are products of the true immigrant mentality. Nothing is owed us. Embrace the dignity of work for a promise of a better future. Create our own legacy of wealth by practicing three behaviors: Purposeful productivity, savings and thrift. These behaviors came from my Cuban born father and my immigrant husband. Ultimately these behaviors define our middle class experience. Teresita from Bronx County
In our small family of 8 people, only 2 remain in NY: me and my wife. We contemplated moving but decided against it at this point in time. Difficult to just pack up when you get to be our age. We, like most people, really do love NYS, just can’t stand the government and the way they do things.Bill from Steuben County
I left NY in 2010. I got the same job, same pay in a different state – and my state income tax was half of what I paid in NY. I Bought a home at 3/4 the value of my NY home and my current property taxes are 15% of what I paid on my NY home. My annual utilities are 1/4 what NY was and I don’t shovel snow. Housing, lawns & flowers maintenance is probably 10% of what I used to spend in NY. Susan from Saratoga County
Would I leave Long Island if I could? In a heartbeat! All of my good friends have left for better lives which makes it even harder for me to be here. I don’t belong here, I don’t have a college degree, and without one there is no surviving here. I am exhausted from all of the stress that comes with living on Long Island. Extremely high taxes, cold winters, roads that need fixing, neighborhoods that need cleaning up…. Long Island is full of beaches and parks that I can’t go to because they cost too much. I pray that I can sell my house soon and get out of here before I have nothing left. I just want to live whats left of my life in a place that doesn’t suck the life out of me. Toni from Suffolk County
We have had enough of this crap! We have sold our home which we love so dearly, and we are moving to South Carolina where we won’t be taxed to death, and elected officials do the voters biding and not their own. Bill from Greene County
My parents had 3 children. We kids had a total of 8 children and all 8 have left the state – yup – not one child lives in our family’s home state… AND: I can honestly state that the majority of the folks I know have similar circumstances in their families. Al from Broome County
I have been trying to leave New York for the last few years. I hope to put our house on the market next year. As soon as it sells I’m gone!! My husband and I are long haul truck drivers. We use to be able to work away from home 280 days a year. Today we are away from home 306 days a year just to pay taxes and basic living expenses. I do not know how people can afford to live in this state with the highest tax burden in the nation. Cindy from Tioga County
I plan to leave NYS as soon as I retire. The tax burden alone is reason enough to leave. The lack of a responsible and reasonable government, especially at the state level confirms this decision. New York is a beautiful state. This state offers climate and recreational opportunities found in few others. It is a shame that many are forced to leave.George from Schohaire County
I’ve had friends leave because they get tired of having to work multiple jobs just to get by but are still the “working poor.” When they move elsewhere, they get higher paying jobs easier, they pay less rent, and they actually have time and money to enjoy life.Vanessa from Kings County

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