How to Figure Out Someone’s Facebook Password

The rising number of Facebook users around the world interestingly reflects the ways the current generation is using social media. There are currently 2 billion Facebook users around the world. This number also says that there are all kinds of people with diverse interests while using their Facebook account. With constant updates in respect to more public connect, people randomly share videos and photographs which sometimes land them up in uncomfortable positions. This is one of the reasons why parents these days constantly worry about how their kids are using the social media. But while there are ways to protect your account, there are also harmless ways to know how to figure out someone’s facebook password.

How To Get Access to Someone’s Facebook Password

Open An Account with A Mobile Spy Software

If you are really thinking how to figure out someones facebook password, then there are different apps and websites from where knowing methods of hacking is a pretty easy job. But these apps or websites comes with their own pros and cons due to which sometimes may not give desired results. Besides, while hacking you also need to ensure, that you go for a software or app that is completely trustworthy. In this respect, you can try out mSpy. All you need to do is sign up for an account. You need to complete the registration process by accepting the confirmation mail that will contain your login details. Once you login, go to your computer’s control panel and a detailed guide is installed which shows you how to effectively install the software on the target phone.

Keylogger Feature


Among the different methods about how to figure out someones facebook password, keylogging software or keyloggers is an important feature. Those who are trying different methods about how to figure out someones facebook password, often land up downloading separate keylogging software or keyloggers. With mSpy you do not have to go for a separate download as this software comes with its in-built keyloggers which is there in the dashboard.

You can also view Facebook chat history without password.

Get Access to The Target Phone And Install The Monitoring App

To ensure full functioning of the software, you need to get some time alone with the target phone where you need to install the software. There are two things you need to ensure for effective monitoring– you need to give the right name for the monitoring device and you also need to select the right operating system of the target phone, whether it is android or iOS. Besides, in the target device you also need to open the security tab and enable the tab that says “accept unknown sources”. Please follow the step-by-step guide given for the target device in your phone’s control panel. It is very important to make sure that in the final stage of installing the mSpy software, that is, one last step before to know how to figure out someones facebook password, you need to click on the “Start Monitoring” tab so that the mSpy software icon is no more visible in the target phone and you could monitor the Facebook activities without letting the owner of the target phone know about it.

mSpy: The best Android and iOS Device Tracking App


Among all the ways showcased in your Google search as the five best ways about how to figure out someones facebook password, it is usually the tendency to go for software or methods which are at the end of the day completely without any hacks and errors because such jobs comes with its own risks. In this respect mSpy comes with its own authenticity and worthiness. In simple terms, mSpy is the cell phone spy software which can spy almost all devices because it works effectively in both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Besides Facebook, you can monitor all major social media apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, WeChat among others.
  • You do not have to separately download a keylogger software because in mSpy it is an inbuilt feature.
  • mSpy gives you complete access to the target device. This means that you not only can monitor the target phone but also have complete access to call, messages and other internet logging and websites that the target owner is accessing.
  • You can post in Facebook on behalf of the owner of the target phone and also send messages to any person as the owner of the phone. There is a dashboard within the software in your phone that gives you complete access through a control panel. You can even change password in certain accounts in the target phone and take complete charge of the activities of the target phone.
  • To enhance more control over the target device, you can also take screenshots of the target phone and its activities from time to time which will be saved in your phone.
  • Unlike other hacking software, there is GPS tracking facility. This means that you can monitor the correct location of the target phone all the time.
  • Geo-fencing, a special feature in mSpy, also helps you to set a territory for the target phone’s physical movement and whenever this fence is crossed, a notification comes in your phone. This is specially a significant feature in respect to parents who are also trying to monitor the physical activity of their children along with their digital activity.
  • The set up is faster and without any hassle in comparison to other online spy software.
  • Remote controlling of the target device is an essential feature which means that you do not need to take your phone physically close to the target phone to monitor it completely.

These days, youngsters and teenagers are fast coming under the grip of online predators which lure them towards pornography, deadly games, cyber bullying among others. mSpy in this respect brings respite to parents who are always worried about their children’s protection yet cannot speak about it to them openly. With software like mSpy which you can access and use free of cost, you can either choose to simple view all activities on your kid’s phone or control some activities without affecting your relationship with your kid. Hence sign up for a free mSpy account today.