The Voice of NY – Government Waste


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Government waste is the reason that we are leaving NY state.Russell from Washington County
NY State Thruway projects take months to complete while 17 people are standing around with maybe 1 working… especially on overnights and weekends where it costs us taxpayers a fortune!
Joseph from Ontario County
Bringing companies to Cortland that don’t even last five years – how about the state brings jobs to the area, that will actually help residents?Billy from Cortland County
Check out the retirement pensions for the top 20 NY municipal executives.
Sadie from Westchester County
On Route 365, I saw 4 large state trucks and 10 state employees sitting around, while one man pounded a steel post into the ground that had a reflective sign on it. Could not believe the waste I seen at that particular day!Ronald from Oneida County
I used to work as a social worker at a state-run juvenile prison for boys. I have seen a huge waste of money, as well of the severe neglect and abuse of the teenage residents. Conditions seem to get worse every year, and yet the costs have exploded… once it was over $200,000 for each resident, every year. A gigantic cloud of abuse and violence hangs over the juvenile prisons. It is like a conspiracy of government silence. To staffers: keep your mouth shut or lose your job.Sylvia from Schuyler County
Don’t forget the signs on highway roads, supposedly extolling the virtues of NY – at a cost of 7 million bucks. Complete waste of money.
Raymond from Saratoga County
Just think all of the combined waste, while at the same time, our infrastructure is crumbling, is totally disgusting. A perfect example is the millions spent, on the “bridge to nowhere” in Amsterdam, while the crumbling sewer lines leak into the Mohawk River.Donald from Fulton County

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