Illegal Fees

What are illegal fees?


Illegal fees are government turning to highway robbery instead of doing their job and budgeting responsibly. State law requires fees to be connected to the cost of a service, but many municipalities are instead abusing fees to grab extra revenue.

These predatory fees hurt those who can least afford it. Fees related to home loans, like mortgages, punish families who need to take out a second mortgage, or a home equity loan. These fees can get so high that they prevent a new home buyer from being able to afford closing costs.

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Reclaim New York executive director Brandon Muir offered the following statement in support of a new lawsuit against Suffolk County over illegal fees (specifically the Tax Map Verification Fee) by Government Justice Center: “If …

Today, New York taxpayers struck a blow in the fight against governments that nickel-and-dollar them with illegal fees that they can’t afford. The Government Justice Center (GJC) filed a lawsuit against Suffolk County’s illegal use of …

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