Hey Albany, Urgent Things Don’t Take 56 Days

Albany is continuing their unethical push for phony “ethics reform.” Sign this petition to show Albany you won’t accept their abuse of the legislative process and state constitution. Late last week the Senate finally sent the supposedly urgent “ethics reform” bill (S8160) to Governor Cuomo’s desk. That happened 56 days after the bill was passed with a Message of Necessity … Read More

Albany Thinks Rules Don’t Apply to Them & Doesn’t Care Who Knows It

Reclaim New York executive director Brandon Muir offered the following reaction to the recent “ethics reform” legislation (S8160) finally making it to Governor Cuomo’s desk nearly 57 days since it was rushed through with a message of necessity: “Legislative leaders and the Governor have shown they don’t think the rules apply to them. They blatantly abused the Message of Necessity … Read More

Outrageous Decisions Led to Poughkeepsie Budget Deficit

Poughkeepsie officials have been adding on costs for the city without actually examining how those expenses will impact the budget. While doing that, they’ve been using revenue projections that are falling short. You can’t make this stuff up. Last year, the city’s previous Mayor planned on revenue in his budget from new parking fees, even though the City Council never … Read More

You’re Paying for Albany Campaign Literature

If you believe the latest mailing from State Assembly members, this past session was a time of great accomplishment for New York. Everyone who still resides in the real world, not Albany fantasy land, knows better, but what else can you expect from campaign propaganda? Well, there’s unfortunately good reason for you to care about these particular mail pieces: you’re … Read More

Reclaim New York Files Suit Against Towns of Islip & Babylon, Southampton Schools to Force Compliance with Transparency Laws

We’re live now on the steps of the Suffolk County Courthouse standing for transparency on Long Island! Please like, share or comment below to help spread the word. #ReclaimLI https://www.reclaimnewyork.org/specialnytransparencyannouncement/ Posted by Reclaim New York on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 Entities violated State FOIL, refusing to release basic expenditure information (New York, NY) – In front of the Suffolk County … Read More