Reclaim Gets Docs Revealing Hempstead Board of Ethics Members

It is absurd that it requires a formal records request to find out which three people serve on the Town Board of Ethics. Yet, that is exactly what it took to make this information publicly available – even though Hempstead residents had asked the Town Supervisor and council who was on the board at a meeting earlier this month. In … Read More

Statement: Anti-Pipeline Decision More Bad News for Southern Tier

Reclaim New York Southern Tier Regional Director George Phillips provided the following statement following a federal appeals court decision on the Constitution Pipeline that keeps the project stalled: “It’s another sad day for the Southern Tier, as the state’s continued efforts to hinder efficient, affordable energy development continues to have an outsized impact on our region. “Stomping on this needed … Read More

Statement: De Blasio Turns on Taxpayers with New MTA Tax Pitch

Reclaim New York offered the following statement on Mayor de Blasio’s announcement today that he’s proposing a “millionaire’s tax” for the city to sned more money to the MTA: “New Yorkers’ heads must be spinning trying to make sense of the Mayor’s Doctor Jekyll and Mister Tax Hike routine. After two weeks of rightfully demanding accountability for the Governor and … Read More

Cuomo Gives Binghamton Novelty Check, Same Old Failed “Economic Development” Approach

Reclaim New York Southern Tier Regional Director George Phillips offered the following response to Governor Cuomo’s announcement today of a $20 million “Greater Binghamton Fund”: “This display was the height of arrogance. The very people who have overseen the Southern Tier’s decline show up with a novelty check and lecture residents, like another handout and photo op will fix an … Read More

New Analysis Finds Southern Tier Local Governments Behind on Transparency Law

New York Transparency Project to Change Alarming Trend, Starting with Training Event for Local Public Officials (Binghamton, NY) — New York State’s most basic transparency law has been on the books since the 1970s. A new analysis from Reclaim New York (Reclaim) finds local governments in the Southern Tier have fallen behind on providing citizens the 21st century transparency and … Read More

Statement on MTA Chairman Lhota’s Plan to Fix Subway System

Reclaim New York Executive Director Brandon Muir offered the following response to MTA Chairman Joe Lhota’s presentation of plans to fix the New York City subway system today:  “If Chairman Lhota thinks he needs more money for this plan, he shouldn’t demand it from the most overburdened taxpayers in the country. He should pick up the phone, call his new … Read More

Statement: De Blasio Deserves Thanks for Standing Up Against Cuomo MTA Finger-Pointing

Reclaim New York Executive Director Brandon Muir offered the following statement in support of Mayor de Blasio’s comments indicating that the MTA has enough money already, and needs to spend it more responsibly, with a focus on maintenance and repairs: “Mass transit riders and taxpayers should thank Mayor de Blasio for standing up to the Governor’s lies about the MTA, … Read More

New Study Reveals Taxes & Expenses Are Crushing Syracuse, Central NY Residents

Affordability Crisis Report Shows How Government Drives Up Costs, Leaving Locals Financially Unstable & Struggling to Save for the Future: (Syracuse, NY) – Families in Central New York have seen economic struggles, high poverty rates, and an exodus of residents. Shedding new light on the causes of these trends, Reclaim New York (Reclaim) today released a breakthrough study that takes a … Read More