Subway Meltdown Is Today’s Example of Failed MTA Leadership

Reclaim New York offered the following statement on today’s subway delays, overseen by an MTA whose budget increased to over $16 billion this fiscal year: “This is not a money problem, it’s a management problem. “Every time riders are stuck in a hellish commute, they should think of the MTA board diverting billions of their hard-earned dollars away from needed … Read More

Reclaim New York Files Lawsuit Against Empire State Development for Hiding Records on $247 Million in Taxpayer-Funded Promotional Ads

Reclaim’s New York Transparency Project demands release of records showing how ESD spent taxpayer dollars promoting the Governor’s signature programs (Albany, NY) — New Yorkers have grown accustomed to seeing flashy ads on their televisions that promote the Governor’s signature programs, such as Taste NY, START-UP NY and “New York State of Opportunity.” While the costly commercials and catchphrases have … Read More

Gameshow Economics Still Not Working: Time to End Cuomo’s “Economic Hunger Games”

Reclaim New York executive director Brandon Muir offered the following statement in response to the announcement of the 2017 Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) awards: “More gameshow economics and it’s still not working. “Despite the rhetoric, the upstate economy is dying, families are leaving, and businesses are struggling under the second-worst tax climate in the nation. These award shows are nothing more than … Read More

Mayor de Blasio Hammers NYC Council on Proposed Term Limit Extension

Mayor Bill de Blasio has come to the defense of term limits as the City Council attempts to extend term limits. The Mayor told the New York Daily News: “The people have spoken,” he said. “It couldn’t be clearer. People believe in term limits. I believe in term limits.” New Yorkers have voted time and time again in favor of … Read More

Statement Responding to Cuomo Claim He’s Upstate Economic Savior

Reclaim New York offered the following response to the Governor’s comments today claiming, “I’ve done more for Upstate economic development than any governor in the history of the state of New York.”: — “The most terrifying words for upstate residents have become ‘I’m Governor Cuomo, and I’m here to help’. “In recent years, upstate New York has seen jobs grow at … Read More

New Lawsuit Fights Illegal Fees in Suffolk, Could Set Statewide Precedent 

Reclaim New York executive director Brandon Muir offered the following statement in support of a new lawsuit against Suffolk County over illegal fees (specifically the Tax Map Verification Fee) by Government Justice Center: “If citizens break the law, they get taken to court. When Suffolk politicians charge residents illegal fees, they’re getting hauled into court as well. Breaking the law is … Read More

Reclaim Demands Answers on Broome County Fund Balance with Records Request

Reclaim New York Southern Tier Regional Director George Phillips offered the following statement urging Broome County Executive Jason Garnar to let the public know the county’s fund balance, after the group filed a FOIL request with the county for records showing the fund balance: “Citizens can’t have confidence their money is being handled properly if the budget process keeps legislators … Read More

Councilmembers Call for MTA Cost Investigation: Step One Toward Mass Transit Fix, If Pols Don’t Step in Money-Grab Trap

Today, Reclaim New York offered the following statement on City Councilmembers Ydanis Rodriguez and Helen Rosenthal calling for an investigation into the MTA’s high costs for construction:  “It is great to see Councilmembers Rosenthal and Rodriguez lead a serious effort to investigate the MTA’s out-of-control costs. “This could be an overdue first step toward fixing the MTA, as long as elected officials don’t … Read More

NYC’s New Nightlife Ambassador Position Is Unnecessary, Wasteful Party Pooper

Reclaim New York offered the following statement on the signing into law of a new Nighttime Ambassador position in the City’s Office of Media and Entertainment: “This position amounts to a taxpayer-funded party pooper, and a distraction from fixing the red tape, hefty taxes, and high costs that really make it difficult for small businesses to thrive. “Worse, it adds … Read More