Albany Wants To Decide Who Sleeps On Your Couch

  Click here to join the fight to protect innovation, entrepreneurship, and the middle class! You’ll hear talk from politicians about innovation, entrepreneurship, and the middle class. But those words take a back seat when their special interest pals come asking for favors. Just look at New York governments’ vendetta against sharing economy leader Airbnb. Airbnb isn’t complicated, it’s simply … Read More

After 6 Months, Lawsuit, & Public Pressure, Manhasset School District Finally Releases Documents

Lawsuit Will Continue, Aims to Add to Legal Precedent  Reclaim New York Executive Director Brandon Muir offered the following statement on Manhasset School District’s late completion of the organization’s Freedom of Information Law request for FY2014 expenditure records: “It took Manhasset School District half a year, bad press, and a lawsuit, just to release information that shows how they are spending … Read More

New York Ends State Sales Tax On Feminine Hygiene Products

Learn more here about unnecessary state taxes, and how you can help make New York a prosperous free environment conducive to economic prosperity. New York has ended its state sales tax on feminine hygiene products. The outdated tax began in 1965, and taxed items like tampons and sanitary napkins. While Albany repealed the tax earlier this year, the exemption officially … Read More