Suffolk County Reduce Spending Task Force Recommendations

By the end of 2019, Suffolk is projected to be $900 million in operating debt. County legislators are tackling this problem head-on. They’ve unanimously created the bi-partisan Suffolk County Reduce Spending Task Force to find the county ways to save money in order to avoid new taxes or fees for Suffolk residents. The task force has put together a list of recommendations to … Read More

POLL: Reduce Suffolk County’s $900 Million Debt

  *Thank you for your interest in the Suffolk County Reduce Spending Task Force. Our poll has now closed. You can find the final list of recommendations by clicking here.*   By the end of 2019, Suffolk is projected to be $900 million in operating debt. A report by State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s office in September 2018 said Suffolk was … Read More

Lawmakers Declare an “On Time” Budget for Pay Raises

New York lawmakers had one requirement to receive a pay raise: pass the state budget on time. They failed, but they still got their raise anyway. State lawmakers were already well compensated with a base salary of $79,500. Plus, they got a $175-a-night per diem for each night they spend in Albany and many received generous leadership stipends. But the … Read More

New Yorkers Aren’t Leaving Because of the Weather

Survey results by location. Despite Governor Cuomo’s claim that New Yorkers are leaving the state because “they want warm weather“, Reclaim New York’s recent poll proves that’s not the case. So, what is the real reason New Yorkers are being forced to leave? Answer: an affordability crisis that stems from the State’s high taxation. Two weeks ago, The New York … Read More

Cuomo and de Blasio Team Up to Tax Commuters

Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio have spent years arguing over who is responsible for the MTA and its many failures. Now they’ve both decided to give up their fight and pass the financial burden to New Yorkers. The Governor and the Mayor have now released a joint 10-point plan to fund the MTA. In short, New Yorkers are now … Read More

Politicians in Most Corrupt State Want Taxpayers to Donate to Their Legal Funds

  It’s no secret that New York City officials treat their constituents like an ATM. But now, Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City politicians will openly solicit donations to help pay off their legal bills. The Mayor supported the idea of a legal-defense fund after racking up millions in lawyer fees relating to state and federal investigations into … Read More

MTA Postpones Fare Hikes in Fear of Commuter Backlash

It looks like MTA board members are finally starting to listen to commuters. After announcing impending fare and toll hikes, the board voted to postpone all increases after commuter outrage at the transit authority’s performance. The Wall Street Journal reports that the MTA was in the midst of considering two separate proposals. One would not increase the base MetroCard fare and … Read More


It looks like the MTA’s $836 million plan to stop the dangerous subway fires that have plagued the system has yet to pay off, as the number of blazes has actually increased over the past year. The Subway Action Plan was enacted on July 25, 2017 after a surge of fires injured dozens of riders and trapped others inside sealed … Read More


It looks like pathetic on-time rates and deplorable customer service aren’t enough to stop the MTA from implementing its seventh fare hike in ten years. The LIRR confirmed that, as scheduled, commuters will see increases of 4% tacked onto their already-high commuting costs in early 2019. Due to declining ridership, the LIRR is taking in less money than anticipated, and … Read More


Long Island’s high cost of living is forcing millennials to remain in their parents’ households later into adulthood than their counterparts in 1970, a new study found, posing a major threat to Long Island’s economy. The Long Island Association reports that less than 21 percent of young adults ages 25 to 34 owned their own homes in 2016, down 47 … Read More