New Yorkers Aren’t Leaving Because of the Weather

Survey results by location.

Despite Governor Cuomo’s claim that New Yorkers are leaving the state because “they want warm weather“, Reclaim New York’s recent poll proves that’s not the case. So, what is the real reason New Yorkers are being forced to leave? Answer: an affordability crisis that stems from the State’s high taxation.

Two weeks ago, The New York Post reported a poll conducted by Quinnipiac which gauged the overall affordability of New York. The results were disheartening: 41% of city residents reported that they could not even afford to live in the state anymore.

We at Reclaim New York wanted to broaden the scope of the poll, so we conducted a similar survey to our statewide audience via email and Facebook on affordability and outmigration. So far, we’ve received input from 553 citizens from 387 different municipalities across the state–and the responses had little to do with the weather. Here’s what the respondents said:

  • Only 9% of citizens who responded to our poll feel like they can afford to live in New York
  • 86% believe they will be forced to move out within the next five years due to better economic opportunities elsewhere.
  • Alarmingly, 89% of citizens found New York State’s economy to be “not so good” or “poor.”
  • Citizens blamed high property taxes, cost-of-living, and high income taxes as the top three issues forcing them out of the state.
  • Only 6% of participants cited the weather as their primary reason for moving!

With the State budget raising taxes on supermarket shopping, car driving, even home ownership, and the list goes on—one can only wonder what effect the new budget will have on outmigration.

We’re still accepting results in our poll – want to participate? Here’s the link to do so!