Join the Fight to Reclaim New York on #GivingTuesday

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, all across New York, citizens are asking: How can we create a better future for New York?

While politicians are ignoring their concerns, Reclaim New York is taking action. We’re not only shedding light on those concerns, but we’re uniting New Yorkers from all backgrounds to solve our state’s most pressing problems.

Reclaim is fighting for transparency by asking the tough questions of elected officials. We know that New York’s problems aren’t just at the state level. Corruption is entrenched within local governments as well.

We can’t rely on public officials to check themselves. That’s why we created the New York Transparency Project to arm citizens with the tools to fight corruption in every school district, village, town, city, and county across the state.

We’re also fighting to make the Empire State more affordable for all New Yorkers. New York has the highest combined state and local tax burden in the nation. These taxes coupled with the Empire State’s outrageous cost of living is forcing families to flee the state.

Reclaim developed our groundbreaking New York Affordability Project to show residents just how much the state is taking out of their pockets. Our affordability calculator gives a detailed look at your total tax burden and living expenses.

We know our state’s challenges are big. But we can make a difference if we work together. That’s why Reclaim works hand-in-hand with citizens to tackle corruption and affordability head-on.

Today on #GivingTuesday, we are asking you to help support Reclaim’s efforts to help citizens take back ownership of their government. We are asking you to make a charitable donation using the form below so that we can further empower the citizens of New York to make a real difference. Be a part of the movement to reclaim New York today! Thank you for your contribution.