After Parade of Witnesses, Prosecutors Expected to Rest Case in Buffalo Billion Trial

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Prosecutors’ star witness, Former LPCiminelli executive Kevin Schuler, wrapped up his testimony last week in the Buffalo Billion corruption trial. Schuler maintained that LPCiminelli was favored by former SUNY Polytechnic President Alain Kaloyeros in the bidding of the state’s Buffalo Billion development project.

Emails were once again a central topic of discussion, as Justin Ellard, a special agent with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan, testified that emails containing drafted bidding documents for the $750 million project between Kaloyeros and Ciminelli were intentionally deleted back in 2014.

The Governor’s former media aide, Dan Doyle, also testified for prosecutors, stating that he was asked by Kaloyeros to use a secretive messaging app in 2015. The app, called Wickr, allows users to send messages that automatically disappear.

Defense attorneys pushed back by portraying ex-lobbyist Todd Howe as the man behind the curtain, and Kaloyeros as completely unaware.

In response, prosecutors presented more deleted emails which highlight the comfort level Kaloyeros and Howe shared.

“I love you, I really do,” Kaloyeros wrote to Howe after the former lobbyist aggressively clapped back at a journalist for supposedly misreporting information.

“Family.” Howe replied.