Budget Cuts Could Spell Layoffs in Yonkers

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Facing a $47.9 million budget gap, the Yonkers City School District is anticipating a necessary staff reduction of upwards of 83 teachers, 10 administrators, 116 civil service employees and two Teamsters union members.

According to the Journal News, even with the cuts it is likely the district will still need to use its entire $24 million rainy day fund, and pass a two-percent tax increase.

The draft budget, put forward by Superintendent Edwin Quezada, is only a “first draft” because it is still unbalanced and requires an additional $5 million reduction in costs.

The Journal News reports that the proposed layoffs for Yonkers’ schools aligns with City Mayor Mike Spano’s proposal, which is likely to include an additional 200 layoffs of non-schools city workers.

Last year, the school district anticipated cuts of up to 24 employees to balance the district’s budget. The city’s final adopted budget ultimately resulted in no cuts to services or layoffs.​

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