New York Has Worst Tax Burden in Two Different Studies

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How can it get any worse than having the worst tax burden? Having the worst tax burden by two different measures.

A new WalletHub analysis shows that New York (once again) has the most expensive tax burden in the nation. It costs New Yorkers a higher percentage of their income than any other state tax burden. It’s the worst!

On top of this miserable news, a study from Key Policy Data shows that New York has the highest combined state and local tax burden.

When you add up all the taxes you pay to every level of government in the state, New Yorkers have it worse than anyone in the country. Inventive taxes like the MTA sales tax add costs that only New Yorkers face. There are over 2,000 different kinds of taxes and fees in New York.

The taxpayer nightmare never seems to end for New Yorkers. It’s no wonder so many flee to other states to escape. See how much you personally pay to live in New York with Reclaim’s Affordability Calculator (now updated to reflect federal tax code changes).