Honk If Your Taxes Are Going Up

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The Executive Budget squeezes taxes and fees from New Yorkers on every level.

One of the Governor’s proposals, an estimated $3 million “revenue raiser” on privately operated for-hire and for-profit passenger carriers.

Among the vehicles that would be subject to this new, $120 per inspection fee – motor coaches, ambulettes, and large passenger vans/limousines. The fee would incorporate employers and vehicles of all sizes, from Greyhound Buses to local limousine company.

The fee would be tacked on to each vehicle inspected on a semi-annual basis, as required by the New York State Department of Transportation – that brings the cost to $240 per vehicle per year.

According to the department’s own materials, its inspectors perform more than 154,000 bus safety inspections and re-inspections annually. While the total number includes school and municipal buses, which are exempt from the new state inspection fee, one can assume there will still be thousands of transactions that will result in higher costs being passed along directly to consumers.

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