Fix the MTA: Time to Get Serious About Investigating Agency

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In less than two months, the MTA’s out-of-control costs have been exposed as being driven up by wasteful practices, and the agency was revealed to have cooked up stats on electricity-related delays to shift blame to Con-Edison.

It’s not like New Yorkers needed any more reason to not trust the MTA, and the politicians overseeing the ongoing disaster.

So what is being done to fix the mess? Far too little.

Measures up for debate in Albany include congestion pricing plans that would give the MTA even more money to waste, as well as “value capture” ideas that would make properties around subway stations give the MTA more money to waste.

Where are the investigations? Where are the answers? This is a scandal and failure of leadership over years. It didn’t happen because the MTA had no money.

Well, groups, and some public officials have called for independent investigations, but nothing has happened.

Recently Streetsblog New York asked the state comptroller, and the Authorities Budget Office if they would investigate high costs. The answer was ‘maybe’.

That’s not acceptable.

Reinvent Albany and NYPIRG sent a letter to these entities as well requesting investigation into the stat-cooking situation the Daily News exposed – no action yet.

Clearly New Yorkers need to speak louder.

If you’re fed up with the MTA’s mass transit mess, sign up with Reclaim New York and join our campaign to keep the MTA from getting away with more of your hard-earned money.