Reclaim New York Joins Unprecedented Effort to Get New Yorkers Involved in Local Government

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Group Joins Growing OrangeU Going? Civic Engagement Platform as “Hour New York” Partner Organization

(New York, NY) – Citizen engagement is the key to improving our government, fighting corruption, holding public officials accountable, and making sure New Yorkers have the voice they deserve when policy decisions are made. Yet, in recent years, the state has ranked nearly dead last in civic engagement and volunteering, and voter turnout is a shadow of what it was decades ago.

To get more New Yorkers involved at every level of government, Reclaim New York is thrilled to announce the group has joined the OrangeU Going Hour New York Challenge.

“The Hour New York Challenge is focused on getting people educated and involved, which is exactly what we need to improve our neighborhoods, and relationship with government,” said Candice DiLavore, Reclaim New York’s Transparency Project manager. “We can get the transparency and accountability New Yorkers deserve by showing up, and making our voices heard. We look forward to working with OrangeU Going? and our partners in the Hour New York Challenge to get more New Yorkers engaged with their government.”

OrangeU Going? is a civic engagement platform that makes it easy for New Yorkers to get involved by featuring civic, community, and political events all on one site. The Hour New York Challenge encourages New Yorkers to engage on an issue or cause they care about for one hour each month in 2018. New Yorkers can join the Hour New York Challenge at

New Yorkers can get more involved in their communities in many ways, including activities like attending a community board meeting, writing a letter to the editor, or learning who their key legislators and local officials are and attending their events. New Yorkers can also learn about Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) with Reclaim’s guide, or take the group’s New York Affordability Calculator to see how much they personally pay in taxes and basic expenses.

“The Hour New York Challenge shows New Yorkers the power of an hour,” said OrangeU Going? Founder Samantha Diliberti. “We’re proud to have Reclaim New York as an Hour New York Challenge Partner. Together, we’re working to engage New Yorkers one hour at a time.”

About OrangeUGoing:

OrangeU Going was founded to bridge the communication gap between New Yorkers who want to get involved, and the organizations and community leaders trying to engage them.OrangeU Going makes it easy for New Yorkers, organizations, and elected officials to connect and affect change. The platform is uniquely designed to foster civic engagement, exclusively featuring the civic, community and political events of thousands of New York City organizations all on one site. A custom search filter helps youmakes it easy to find events by issue area, event type, location, price, legislative district, and more.

Visit, follow on Twitter @OrangeUGoing.

About Reclaim New York:

Reclaim New York is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)3 organization that empowers New Yorkers, through education and civic engagement, to reclaim ownership of their government. The group’s major projects include the New York Transparency Project, which empowers New Yorkers to create citizen-driven oversight, and the New York Affordability Project, which shows New Yorkers how much they spend just to wake up in New York, by combining their total tax burden and basic expenses.

For more information, visit, follow on Twitter @ReclaimNewYork.

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