Report: New York, Despite Nation’s Most Costly Education System, Produces “C” Grade Results

Reclaim New York Executive Director Brandon Muir offered the following statement on ALEC’s newly released 2018 Report Card on American Education, which gave New York State a “C” grade, and ranked the state 23rd:

“If you make taxpayers spend the most, you have to deliver the best, and New York State continues to fail to live up to that promise.

“Despite spending over $18,000 annually per pupil, this report shows the state is setting high standards, but failing to provide return for the investment. Too many students are stuck in failing schools. There’s no excuse for it when you spend as much as New York does. They deserve a chance at a better education now.

“To stop this broken record, Albany must focus on results, not how much more taxpayer money they can spend.

“The solution is to provide parents with greater opportunity through school choice. More choice, more charters, more policies that empower parents and put students first have proven they can improve our education system.”