Big Brother Is Scheduling You

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Here in the real world, working people and business owners understand that things come up. As Forrest Gump once noted, “it happens.”

Sometimes, especially with businesses that have many employees covering shift schedules, gaps open up – maybe demand surprises, or Sally calls in sick – and they need to be filled. It’s not always fun, but that’s how the real world works.

Not content to let a pesky thing like reality get in the way, the state may follow in New York City’s footsteps and push “predictive scheduling” regulations that penalize businesses for scheduling changes within two weeks of the work date.

Let’s point that out again, TWO WEEKS. How is 10-days notice of a scheduling change worthy of the government’s attention? What the heck is unfair about that? It’s like they started with a bad idea, and immediately made it even worse.

Governor Cuomo has killed jobs with state-mandated wage hikes, and now sets his sights against mom-and-pop businesses, restaurants, fast food, and any establishment with shift workers.

The Governor has fashioned himself a champion of part-time and low-income workers, yet here again his actions hurt the very businesses who are actually creating those jobs and driving our economy. New York’s business climate continues to rank near dead last in the nation and for good reason.

If these regulations become law it will only serve to destroy more part-time, lower wage jobs and more businesses across the state. If the Governor wants to micromanage business, maybe he should get a real job, rather than pushing scheduling over-regulation that completely ignores reality.