Local Petition Seeks to Rename ‘Cuomo Bridge’ Back to Tappan Zee

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It’s no secret that Hudson Valley residents are upset with the backdoor deal that renamed the new Tappan Zee Bridge after former Governor Mario Cuomo. Now, one Hudson Valley resident is leading a local charge to change the structure’s name back to Tappan Zee.

The citizen petition he started already has more than 41,000 online signatures as of Monday morning. Talk about New Yorkers making their voices heard. People are speaking loud and clear and demanding Albany listen.

You can sign the petition here. It would restore the bridge’s original name to preserve the history of the Hudson Valley.

In addition, the petition questions why New Yorkers never had a direct vote on the issue in the first place, since they will ultimately be the ones financing the bridge through taxes and tolls.

A poll conducted by Reclaim New York Initiative found that an overwhelming number of Hudson Valley residents expressed these same frustrations over Albany’s late-night scheme to pass the deal.

Results show that 80 percent of Westchester and Rockland County residents should have had a say in the legislative process.

But Albany has continued to keep New Yorkers in the dark, as public officials have not released a plan to pay for the $4 billion structure, and they have failed to give commuters an answer on unavoidable toll hikes.