Gov. Cuomo’s “Fix NYC” Plan is Another Political Gimmick Pretending to be Policy

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Any time any politicians starts talking about a task force or panel, don’t bet on substantive public policy being the result.

In another gimmicky attempt to dodge responsibility for the MTA’s mass transit meltdown, and to grab more of your money so the agency never has to reform itself, Governor Cuomo announced a “Fix NYC” panel.

This panel will not fix NYC, it is just an excuse to have a bunch of people recommend congestion pricing. After all, the purpose of the panel is to address congestion, and the MTA’s “need” for more revenue. Which is a hilariously conspicuous combination of goals that clearly lead toward congestion pricing.

Adding to the absurdity, no public officials listed on the panel have any governing authority in the Big Apple. So there’s nobody with any pesky conflicts like ‘being accountable to actual New York City residents’.

According to a press release from the Governor’s office, the panels 16 members are “transportation experts, representatives from the MTA region, local leaders and stakeholders.” Which sounds like it should include city officials, but it does not.

This comes several weeks after the Governor announced “the time has come” for congestion pricing, and some media outlets have questioned whether this was the first step to such a plan. But a spokesperson for the mayor’s office told Gothamist that, “We’ve yet to see a real plan from the governor on congestion pricing.”

After the “Summer of Hell” and endless announcements from the Governor, and new MTA chair, it’s pretty obvious the plan from Albany here is to keep the MTA crisis from sticking to the Governor. The secondary plan is to protect the MTA from any meaningful audits, investigations, and reform that would show what a wasteful mess it is, and how political concerns have come before repairs and maintenance. Fixing the current mass transit mess is way down the priority list.

New Yorkers don’t need more money-grabbing gimmicks. They need public officials to address the internal problems keeping the MTA from running on-time, and on-budget.

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