MTA Ready to Address Delays with Arrow Mats

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The MTA is finally getting to work on fixing New York’s subway crisis.

Step one of their genius plan?

Placing giant mats with arrows onto the floor of trains to point commuters away from car doors.

As silly as this may sound, the Gothamist reports that this is part one of the MTA’s $20 million “six-point plan” to fix its broken system.

In just the past five years, subway delays have spiked from an average of 28,000 per month to over 70,000 per month. But MTA officials believe they can reduce service delays with picture instructions that are basic even for a five-year-old.

In theory, the floor arrows are intended to encourage commuters to move into the middle of the car, instead of blocking the doorways – which will help reduce the amount of time trains spend in a station as passengers enter and exit.

But as the Gothamist was keen to point out, it’s unlikely that the people who clog doors now will suddenly change their habits because of a mat, no matter how big or colorful they might be.

Commuters deserve real solutions to chronic service delays. New Yorkers don’t spend billions on the MTA every year for ideas this weak.

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