New Poll: Overwhelming Opposition to Albany Scheme Renaming Tappan Zee Bridge

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A new poll from Reclaim New York Initiative contains important findings about the new Mario Cuomo Bridge from those closest to it; Westchester and Rockland residents.

Right off the bat 54 percent of respondents disapprove of naming the bridge after former Governor Mario Cuomo. There is a 20-point gap between that and the just 33 percent of respondents who approved of the bridge’s new name.

When given multiple options, only 14.7 percent chose the bridge to be named after the former governor.

Nearly 70 percent disapprove of naming the bridge before the new toll cost is revealed. And 80 percent disapprove of the way that Albany did the deal, through the backdoor and without the consent of the people in Westchester and Rockland.

They’d rather not have a bridge they’re going to have to pay for named in a last minute legislative session.

The rush to name the New Tappan Zee Bridge after the Governor’s father has left a bad taste in the mouth of voters in at least two key counties. Such a bad taste that 63 percent of Westchester and Rockland residents polled are less likely to vote for those who supported the renaming of the bridge.

Results released today show Rockland and Westchester County residents are disgusted by the late-night scheme.

The lack of voice they were given in this decision also led to 65 percent of respondents unwilling to pay anything more than a $1 increase in the toll for the new bridge.

It’s disappointing to see that the priorities of Albany are so backwards. Right now, citizens want to see tax and ethics reform, not the renaming of a bridge without their input.

The full results of the survey can be seen here.