De Blasio Jobs Plan: Exclusive Party for Politically-Favored Industry on Taxpayers’ Dime

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Reclaim New York Executive Director Brandon Muir offered the following response to Mayor de Blasio’s announcement today of a jobs plan that professes to create 100,000 jobs, and add bureaucrats like a “Nightlife Ambassador” to hold companies’ hands: 

“Finally a bureaucrat is here to spice up the nightlife, said no New Yorker ever.

Mayor de Blasio is right to take a veiled shot at Governor Cuomo’s terrible record on reporting results from “economic development” programs. But the plan he presented still falls into the same trap – handouts for friends won’t bring serious growth to the city economy.

“It does not matter how frequently the city reports results. Handing out costly tax breaks for politically-favored industries is insulting to the 99-percent who pay for those giveaways.

“Favored treatment, and adding expensive new bureaucrats to meddle with the economy, will also kill good-paying jobs. Reducing taxes and regulations is the best jobs plan, and would show real belief in New Yorkers.”