Single Payer Costs You

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Your healthcare could change forever next week!

Interests who want to see a single payer healthcare system are claiming they’re closer than ever to making it happen.

The Gothamist reports a bill that passed the State Assembly, which would establish a government run healthcare system and outlaw private insurance, now has 31 sponsors in the Senate.

That means it is just one – ONE – Senator away from the votes needed to pass.

It is being touted with phony math that claims the takeover could save $50 billion. In reality it would cost nearly $100 billion.

That would blow up Albany’s already bloated $163 billion budget, and $63 billion-plus debt.

This legislation is being pushed right now. It is shocking, even for Albany, that there is a push to make it happen by end of session.

Learn more, before its too late.

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