Escape from New York: Young New Yorkers Flee

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New York is getting hit hard on population loss as the economy continues to fail to attract families and businesses to build futures here.

Now, new findings show the state is aging rapidly as young New Yorkers flee in droves, and the national trend of aging baby boomers also takes hold.

The effects are clear: New York state now has the fourth-oldest population in the country.

With 3.7 million people age 60 and over, New York follows California, Florida, and Texas with the fourth-greatest percentage of elderly residents.

The Office for the Aging predicts that by 2030, 5.2 million people in the state will be 60 and older. That means the number of older New Yorkers will increase from one in five to one in four.

Unlike Florida, New York isn’t aging so much because older folks want to come here to retire in a low-tax environment, but because young people can’t build a future here.

The New York Post reports that the state’s population is getting proportionately older because it is failing to attract and retain young people.

They’re moving to states like Florida and Texas, just like many aging New Yorkers, where taxes are low and economic opportunity is high.

New York’s population fell by 50,000 last year.

New Yorkers are struggling to make ends meet under an expensive, and inefficient, government

The status quo in Albany continues to maintain a tight grip. More New Yorkers need to make their voices heard and demand better from officials.

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