If You Can’t Trust Albany with Your Health, Who Can You Trust?

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The State Assembly just voted to put the fate of your healthcare in the hands of state government. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh that’s right, everything. If Albany can’t handle their subsidy agency, avoid federal indictments for projects, keep roads healthy, prevent the MTA from grinding public transportation to a halt, or maintain a tax environment that doesn’t drive individuals and business out-of-state, why would you trust them to handle your personal healthcare?

The plan would do away with private insurance and create a state-run healthcare plan that would cover all New Yorkers. The program is called “Medicare for All,” and advocates say it will improve care while driving down costs.

But New Yorkers know that sounds too good to be true. The Wall Street Journal reports that such a program would require nearly $90 billion in new tax revenue, which would be funded by slapping workers and employers with an additional payroll tax.

Not to mention that we’ve already gotten a taste of how badly the State manages healthcare thanks to New York’s Medicaid system. It has turned to saving money by having private insurance companies run things instead of having the government manage it.

What the State can do is take steps to cut the healthcare costs its already imposing on New Yorkers, like cutting outrageous insurance taxes, and controlling malpractice insurance costs.

It’s unlikely that the program will pass in the State Senate.  

If you think something should be done about New York’s affordability crisis, rather than adding a health crisis to it, join Reclaim New York today!