Summer Will Be Cruel to Commuters in NYC


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Earlier this week, the MTA released a six-point plan to help combat the constant service delays and overcrowding that make commuting throughout the City awful right now. Unfortunately for New Yorkers, the plan is more of a PR stunt than a real solution to help struggling subway riders.

The $20 million plan includes putting new cars into service, expediting testing tracks and signals, and introducing medical personnel at several stations.

The plan also hopes to create a more efficient boarding process, but MTA officials are still unsure of how they’ll tackle this problem, even though overcrowding accounts for the majority of delays.

The plan will begin this summer with the A, C, and E lines, but don’t expect to see any changes right away. The New York Post reports that the new construction won’t have an obvious impact until 2019.

That means commuters should still prepare themselves for a summer full of delays.

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