de Blasting Business in NYC


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Mayor de Blasio is supporting a wide range of programs that will make it even harder to run a business in the city. He wants to punish businesses that post their schedules 10 days in advance, instead requiring them to issue them a full 2 weeks ahead of time. The Mayor also wants to ramp up the city’s fight against Airbnb).

Instead, de Blasio should be focused on the backward tax that small businesses are getting slammed with. After their rent is paid, owners must pay the city a “Commercial Rental Tax” equal to 3.9-percent of what they’ve already paid their landlord. This amounts to an extra two weeks of rent. The City Council wants to repeal it, but de Blasio is counting on every penny to keep coming in the door.

De Blasio wouldn’t be where he is today without the big help he got from unions in 2009, when he defeated respected former Public Advocate Mark Green, and again in 2013. He’s returning the favor, pushing an agenda that’s consistently anti-business at the expense of the men and women who have risked their own money to start an enterprise and create jobs in the city.

Reclaim New York knows that the city government can cause real damage to the local economy if it continues its battle against small businesses.