A Record 73,000 Kids Apply to Charters


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A record 73,000 children applied for enrollment in charter schools this year, proving that parents are voting with their feet when it comes to securing a better education for their children.

This figure is up a whopping seven percent from the 68,000 students who applied last year. Now, more than 115,000 students attend charter schools in the city.

Incredibly, there are still interests who would take school choice opportunities away from these children and parents, even though the demand and success are so clear.

In addition, the number of students waitlisted for charter seats also grew from 44,000 in 2016 to 47,000 in 2017, according to the NYC Charter School Center. There will be 227 charter schools open in the city for the next academic year, and 30 still left to be issued under the cap.

As the number of charters in the city gets ever closer to the cap, expanding, or getting rid of the cap will have to become a priority.

Not to mention that charter school students outperformed their peers in traditional public schools on state exams in reading and math last year.

Charter schools are increasing accountability in public education because when they don’t show results, the state closes them down. They’re a win-win for students and taxpayers.

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