The Mom’s Basement Boom

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Better leave extra room in the fridge, parents: according to the US Census Bureau, 40.6% of New Yorkers between ages 18 and 34 are living at home with mom and dad.

That’s a big jump from where things were 10 years earlier, when 33.2% of New Yorkers in that bracket were still at home. At more than two in five, it’s also the second-highest rate in the country, after New Jersey. The national average? 34.1%.

Why are so many New Yorkers still at home? Probably because it’s so difficult to move out unless you’re leaving the state. Upstate, jobs are hard to come by, while downstate, the cost of living and high housing costs, in part due to property taxes, makes living at home rent-free an attractive alternative.

Albany special interests are living high on the hog, while New York’s millennials are stuck down in the basement. Support Reclaim New York and let’s make it easier to build a future in our state.