Ethics Reform? Where?

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The new state budget is a mixtape of Albany’s broken promises. They find new ways to disappoint on old demands from New Yorkers.

A large majority of voters have wanted ethics reform for years, but it seems like state lawmakers are content with having them wait even longer.

What’s worse is that public officials didn’t consider it in the budget and aren’t considering it for after the budget. Sounds like the only time they are considering it is never.

Even Governor Cuomo dismissed his own ethics reform agenda as negotiations were still taking place.

This just proves that Albany lawmakers are all talk. They won’t take ethics reform seriously if it threatens to disrupt the rampant pay-to-play culture in the Empire State. They don’t seem to take much of anything seriously unless it comes from a lobbyist or powerful special interest.

Desperately needed oversight and conflict of interest-combating measures were blatantly absent from the budget, leaving honest New Yorkers to once again compete with Albany special interests.

Albany is so out of touch with New Yorkers that lawmakers refuse to implement even basic oversight or transparency measures for the economic “Hunger Games”, or Buffalo Billion. They even cut a reporting requirement from START-UP NY.

This budget is more of a product of Albany’s culture of corruption than an attempt to fix it.

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