Albany Accidentally on Purpose Dropped START-UP Reporting Requirement

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As Newsday reported last week, the Governor’s dying START-UP NY program had its reporting requirements for participating companies slashed in the state budget – apparently by accident.

But yesterday, the Governor was on Long Island, and made it sound like it may have been deliberate. “I think you are talking about what they had to report to the legislature, which is different than the reporting requirements to ESD,” Governor Cuomo said.

This is just misdirection. It follows on the State Senate’s statements spinning the reduction in accountability as intentional.

It doesn’t really matter whether Albany officials did this on purpose, or because they were rushing the budget through sleep-deprived, closed-door negotiations. There is no acceptable reason for cutting any reporting requirements for START-UP businesses.

New Yorkers deserve transparency, and accountability for these companies that are getting tax breaks (while the rest of New York businesses pay massive taxes).

Newsday’s reporting adds the point that in the past failing to submit reports would get a company booted from START-UP.

At this point, those reports, despite limitations, have shown the program is a complete failure. The last thing Albany should be doing is dropping reporting standards, while letting zombie START-UP shuffle around still giving out tax breaks.

If Albany does not want to keep up on oversight of START-UP anymore, don’t drop reporting requirements, simply put this dead-on-arrival program out of its misery.

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