Bombshell Report May Reveal A Quid Pro Cuomo


An investigation by the Albany Times Union has uncovered what appears to be a scheme in which the Cuomo administration gave $25 million in state cash to a group of doctors who had donated about $400,000 to his campaign. If true, this could mean state and federal charges for the Governor, and/or his staff.

The report is available to Times Union subscribers and is worth the read.

Here’s what they found: money was paid through the state Health Department to help the doctors’ partnership, Crystal Run LLP, construct medical office buildings–which were already set to be built, and which the doctors likely plan to flip for cash.

Seven of the donors who cut checks for $25,000 to the governor’s campaign hadn’t given money to any candidates in the past 10 years, according to state records.

It’s not the first time Cuomo has had a finger pointed at them over pay-to-play:

  • Days after he vetoed a bill that would have slowed development in an Orange County village, Cuomo’s campaign in 2015 received $250,000 from firms linked to a developer who stood to lose money if the governor had signed the measure.
  • The state skipped over more qualified recipients to steer millions in “affordable housing” funds to developers who had given money to Cuomo’s campaign.
  • No list of Albany quid pro quos would be complete without the Empire Outlets, a mall that’s being built by Cuomo donors–and getting more than $65 million in cash from state taxpayers.

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