So Much For Unicorns & Rainbows: New Economic Climate Ranking Shows New York Near Rock-Bottom


Reclaim New York executive director Brandon Muir offered the following statement in reaction to Tax Foundation’s new 2017 State Business Climate Index, on which New York ranks 49th out of 50 states:

“Listening to elected officials in Albany, you’d think New York’s economy was booming. But our government-first approach to economic development ignores the needs of real New Yorkers, and puts our state nearly dead last in business climate yet again.

“As long as the only businesses that get relief from New York’s high taxes and excessive regulations are those who score points with politicians, our state’s economy will continue to fail those who struggle to live here.

“After a decade of bad rankings, and watching people and jobs continue to leave our state, it’s time New Yorkers started guiding the economy again.”