Release the Full Ridesharing Study or Come Up with a Much Better Excuse

Today, Politico New York wrote about a copy of New York City’s ridesharing study they recently obtained. We should just be talking about their findings, but, it can?t be that simple…

The report, which cost City taxpayers $2 million, had 26 of its 43 pages partially or fully redacted.

We spent a whopping $2 million for a fancy consulting firm analysis, and New Yorkers can’t even read the report.

This is a study about traffic congestion, taxis and ridesharing. Someone remind the Mayor we aren’t talking about counter-terrorism operations here.

The excuses put up for the heavy edits by the City are weak: The rest is redacted or partially redacted because, according to City Hall, it contains inter- or intra-agency communications that don’t involve statistics or facts.

Are we supposed to believe well over 25 percent of this study is “inter- or intra-agency communications” that don’t involve statistics? Sounds like money poorly spent if that’s the case.

Don’t forget, they were prepared to regulate an entire industry based on this report. The people deserve to know what information was being considered that could have affected their day-to-day lives so drastically.

Now they are left with more questions about how so-called “deliberative projections” could affect such a big decision, but not be appropriate to share with them.

When it comes to an issue as important as transparency in government, and complying with Freedom of Information Law, the people cannot accept a cop out like this.

We need to stand together and demand City government lives up to its responsibilities. Citizens deserve a much more extensive and believable line of reasoning than what we’ve heard so far.

Doug Kellogg (@douglaskellogg) is Communications Director for Reclaim New York.