Friends of Reclaim New York

We hope this finds you and your loved ones well during these difficult times.

Several months ago, we wrote you that Reclaim was going on a program hiatus while re-evaluating its role in empowering citizens, in holding government accountable, and in helping to formulate State and local policies.

Then COVID-19 happened.  New York State was not an easy place to live or work before COVID-19. Going forward it will be even harder. However, we are confident that all of us will rise to the occasion with guts and with grit.
Now more than ever, government leaders need to hear from the people what it is that you want and need and not what elected officials, consultants and so-called experts tell you what you need. Reclaim is dedicated to helping you meet the crisis head on by helping to develop concrete, actionable solutions.

In keeping with its “grass roots up” mission, Reclaim intends to gather insights and information from New York’s hardworking taxpayers on next steps for New York State; on what is needed, on where existing government programs fall short, and on how you and your family can thrive. To that end, we will be sending out emails to share information, and surveys to learn what you believe should be done to make government policies and programs more meaningful to you and your families.

We are pleased to announce that Suzanne Tufts (suzanne@reclaimnewyork.org) will continue to serve as the Acting Executive Director during this time. Suzanne has had many years of organization, legal and government experience especially as it relates to helping small businesses and their employees deal with events such as the 9/11 attacks, and now the pandemic.

Please be on the lookout for future emails and surveys from Reclaim. Our deepest wishes for health, safety and a revitalized economy.


Reclaim New York 

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We love New York, but our politicians won’t police themselves. Albany politicians believe that government knows best and their friends come first. They’re robbing us of our families, our finances, and our future. Their belief in the politics of envy will be the death of New York. Somebody must stop this socialist slide, protect the taxpayer, and fight for the basic freedoms that made New York the Empire State. That somebody is Reclaim and the battle has begun. We envision a freer New York made prosperous and competitive by improving public policy, nurturing civic engagement, and strengthening state and local government accountability.